If you have a WordPress website and are reading this,
your website is probably in danger of being hacked.



Hacking Is Entertainment!

Most of the people running these attacks are doing it for fun and for ‘street cred’, there is no purpose to the majority of attacks.  The problem is now so widespread that it is completely automated by Bot networks (Botnets) which scan every WordPress site on the Internet.

In the April 2013 a massive attack called “Brute Force” targeting WordPress web sites took place hacking over 100,000 sites in the first day alone. This treat is automated and is still going on today.

Its no longer a case of ‘IF’ you get attacked but ‘WHEN’.  If you have not taken steps to lock down and harden your WordPress installation you will get hacked – Period.

Many people put it off until it happens to them.  The issue is that when it happens – it destroys your site, stopping your business for days and weeks while you take steps to rebuild and or remove the threat.

Here are just a FEW other things that hackers will do once they gain access. I could go on and on and on… but this should get you thinking.

1. Destroy business owner’s reputation & livelihood in minutes
2. Steal your visitors’ sensitive and confidential information
3. Commit fraud & theft on others by turning their site into a “phishing” site
4. Jeopardize your hosting accounts and payment processor accounts
5. Steal your email list and start spamming your list.
6. Have Google de-index your web site due to breeches in security.

STOP Taking Chances and Saying “It Can’t Happen To Me”. 

One of the reasons we started Web-Site-Security is because it happened to us.

Let us lock down and watch over your web site, so you can have peace of mind knowing your web site is secure against hackers and Botnets. We’d be glad to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.

Also let us give your web site a quick 8-point scan to see how safe it is against being hacked right now.
It FREE and our gift to you.

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